What is a Website Template? Our web templates are the almost finished web pages that have been preliminary designed and pull together with all the graphics and necessary coding so as to help you put your website online without difficulties and in no time. With this in mind, we imply that all you need to do is to edit your links, add your page content, insert your page titles and Meta tags, and after that upload the ready made pages on your web server.


A website template can be used either to build your personal webpage or a huge corporate site, online shop or the inner presentation, or even a design for the software you develop! So, everything you create is going to be easy, fast and professional!


Our templates are very helpful for the beginners as you do not have to waste your time on learning the HTML and Design software. They are also perfect for web designers who are in search for the new ideas or are enforced with the tight schedules. These products will suit the needs of active businessmen who want to develop a web project with minimal cost and time investments, or else for a hosting company offering customers consequent web design services.




Download Instructions: For people with webdesign background and skills, please READ each template's product info along with requirements before downloading.  As for others without web design knowledge we can customize your purchased (website) template to meet your individual or organization needs and requirements for additional fees depending on the number of web pages purchased. Review our customization prices listed for more info.


***Customization Fees:


5-page Template: US$75.00 (or Naira Equivalent)


6-8 page Template: US$120.00 (or Naira Equivalent)


9-10 page Template: US$150.00 (or Naira Equivalent)


***Note: The customization price option is exclusive of the cost of templates. It is an option tailored to clients with limited web design skills/knowledge that would rather leave KEK to tackle the challenges associated with technicalities involved in modification and customization of a chosen template on their behalf adding details such as company/organization/individual's contents (materials and logo). In addition, we will only add your contents and logo to the website template during customization. Color(s) will also be modified to meet your individual / organization's color scheme. No modification will be done to the template structures and flash animation.


Note: To view each design template, click  on DETAILS, this will launch a new windows with detailed information about the selected design. Click on "CLICK HERE TO VIEW LIVE DEMO OF THE TEMPLATE" for viewing. In addition, each template is equipped with Live Demo Control (Admin) Panel. This simulate how easy it is to customize our templates.


Clients in West Africa: Contact our Office in Lagos Nigeria via our Contact Page for payment procedure.

Important Information:


Regular Price: This means our Templates can be sold repeatedly to other customers. When you purchase the template at a regular price, the same template can be sold to others after your purchase.


Unique Price: If you purchase the product at a 'Buyout price' it guarantees that you are the last person to buy this template from us. It means that this template may have been sold before a couple of times (see 'Downloads' number in product's properties for validation) but only you and people who bought the template before you will own it. Once a template is purchased through a "BUYOUT", the template will be permanently removed from our display page and never available to other customers again.




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What You Get with Your KEKTemplate

And what more our company can do for you


We understand that our customers need an excellent product. Believing that a professional web template is still the best pattern for website creation, KEK /  Maestro Solutions team is always challenged to work each website template to the max. But enough about us – Now let us talk about what you get.


Range of template price options:- Each product is available with several price options. You can choose Single Site, Developer’s or Buyout License depending on the goals you pursue. You can additionally order installation or hosting services.


Template customization services:- If you are not skilled in editing a template on your own, you can order customization services and we will change the content, color scheme, implement your logo and make other tweaks for you.


Powerful built-in features:- The second you bought a template, you will have access to many built-in features. We have more of them than anyone else, and they are all included into the template package with no hidden costs.


All source files included:- Getting a standard HTML template, CMS based theme, eCommerce web design or any other template from KEK,  you get all the source files within a template download package.


Free licensed stock photos:- We provide a range of 7-15 licensed stock photos with each template for free life-time usage within a particular template. So you get quality hi-res photos which are in tune with a theme category.


Free sample templates:- On our website you can find free samples to download and learn skills in working with any product type, before actually buying the product which might be the best fit for you.


Special offers and personalization:- We can personalize your purchase with a special offer or deal. This can be a designer’s bundle, some training course, hackers and spam protection pack, copyright protection service, or SEO boost offer.


Clear guidance on your purchase:- We can guide you in choosing a theme that is the best fit for your site. Also we will let you know where to go and what to do should something happen out of the ordinary or in case you have questions.

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